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July 14, 2017

ARCA SID V implemented in CashCluster

CMN-System enhanced its Cash Smart Safe terminals user interface, CashCluster, implementing the new ARCA SID V (Generation 5).

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May 10, 2017

WEB SEMINAR | Cash Recycling: Features, Deployment, and Pitfalls to Avoid

Adding new technology to the branch can be a monumental task. There are legacy systems to integrate, internal stakeholders, to convince, and the technology choice itself is rarely an easy decision.

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May 04, 2017

ARCA Captures Largest Increase In Teller Assist Unit Market Share

RBR study reveals ARCA worldwide market growth outpacing competitors in 2016 Cash automation technology leader ARCA captured the largest increase in worldwide market shares, including the USA, in sales of teller assist units (TAU) last year, according to Teller Automation and Branch Transformation 2017. The 964-page report is published by RBR in London, and is widely recognized as the leading provider of strategic research in the industry.

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Monitoring Cash

Cash Monitoring Center

Cash Monitoring Center is a web based application suite aiming to provide a means supervisory control and data acquisition over a geographically dispersed network of intelligent terminals, including –but limited to– "smart safes".

The Cash Smart Safes terminals and/or their attached computers are installed in the back office of retail outlets and other merchants with mid to heavy cash deposit requirements during the working hours and/or at the end of the business day.

The business concept assumes the retail companies (retail chains) to collaborate with a bank which recognize the deposits captured by the remote smart safes, providing provisional credit in return. The supervising administration body (RCC Co.) monitors the cash smart safes network across the territory and relay/report to the bank the data necessary for the agreed business model between the bank and the retail companies.

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Welcome to Remote Cash Control

A paradigm shift in to–date cash handling processes

Remote Cash Control (RCC), the deployment of secure smart safes at merchant locations coupled with information reporting and provisional credit mechanisms, has been utilized for nearly 15 years as a means of improving merchant cash cycle control. Since 2004, when banks gradually began offering provisional credit based on validated currency residing at the merchant location, the industry has witnessed a surge in interest and adoption of these devices.

For most merchants, couriers and banks, cash handling is still predominantly manual, but a growing number of institutions offer Remote Cash Control products that sweeten the deal by providing provisional credit for deposits that are counted and validated by a "smart safe" that also provides audit trails for cash.

The primary benefit of RCC provisional credit is that it facilitates wholesale reengineering of the cash cycle within merchants and between merchants, armored couriers and bank cash vault networks. RCC removes the substantial burden of cash handling typically carried by bank branch personnel historically, largely with the introduction of meaningful automation.

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RCC Value Proposition

A paradigm shift in to-date cash handling processes

The adoption of a "Remote Cash Control" services by a merchant will show immediate tangible benefits, reflected directly or indirectly in his P&L bottom line. The higher the exposure to cash volumes the larger the monetary return will be.

Remote Cash Control services value proposition can be articulated as below:

  • Simplify cash handling processes
  • Reduce transportation expenses
  • Enable single banking relationship independent of geo dispersion
  • Offload labor burden
  • Reduce need for cash handling competent/trusted employees
  • Optimize floating cash
  • Implement a cash flow policy (maximum cash per cash point, per sales outlet, etc.)
  • Reduce staff fraud and theft, establish improved employees company culture
  • Leverage your enterprise IT system by feeding them with accurate, real-time cash inventory and route tracing information
  • Increase your ability for intelligent, information based, corporate decision making on improved strategies and tactics.

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CubeIQ is your partner in business

An experienced team of professionals with proven track record

CubeIQ is willing and able to be your partner in business. We are committed in providing outstanding support for all integrated solutions and products, no matter where they are installed.

Our comprehensive services offering include consulting, integration and customization, project and program management, onsite installation, software support and training. These offerings extend beyond traditional hardware services and provide complete turnkey support solutions to our customers.

As a company we maintain special focus in the Cash Management domain, including cash recycling, replenishment and Remote Cash Control. We look forward your visit in the pages of our microSite to add value and share useful information.

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