CMN-System brings together Coins and Banknotes deposit

May 09, 2019

The integration of YOUGO U-Bundle with MultiCash MSS, in CMN-System platform has been released. This new combi solution is capable to handle high volumes of cash with the speed of 1.200 coins and 300 notes per minute.

U-Bundle is equipped with a heat-sealed security bag of 4.000 stacked banknotes, while MSS accommodates a self-locking security storage box with capacity of 90Kg of coins. Coins storage box can easily be replaced by the merchant, due to auto-locking mechanism and embedded trolley wheels.
Both cash handling devices are driven from one single instance of CashCluster, eliminating the need of repeated user authentication.
The new version of CashCluster, ensures a unified reporting in CMN System journal and audit trail for all banknote and coin devices.

Configurable options
• Max allowable cash inventory:
− by notes value for U-Bundle
− by coins weight for MSS
• Selective monetary denomination(s) disable
• Data entry of merchant’s customer fiscal details on deposit receipt
• Adjustable copies of Receipt(s)
• UI inactivity timeout (auto sign-out)
• Days of most recent activity in user/supervisor reports
• CIT logo printed on bag collection receipt

The upgrade of existing U-Bundle entities is performed remotely by CMN-System operations team.
Preceding transactions history, audit-trail, journal and user’s data are not affected, ensuring that outlet’s process will not be disturbed.