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35% of world-wide market share
well above 1 million products shipped to-date

ARCA, the world’s largest manufacturer of Teller Cash Recyclers (TCR). Since late 90’s, ARCA cash processing solutions have helped banks and retailers worldwide manage their cash transactions more efficiently, cost-effectively, and in total security, and this has made ARCA and their partners a market leader.

ARCA retains the position of the world’s largest manufacturer of scanners for banking automation.

There’s no other company that today owns the same know-how, market experience and understanding, R&D capabilities and outstanding manufacturing as ARCA has.

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Smart Safes

The advent of cash-aware
"Smart-safes" in retailers

Market analysts estimate that by the beginning of 2012 the "smart safes" only in US are reaching 50,000 units. Almost half of this population is connected in cash management digital networks supervised by cash handlers or specialized "RCM" companies, enabling acknowledgment of provisional credit by the associated banks.

The adoption of enabling technology by more "smart safe" manufacturers, new advanced models right-sized for every application and growing banks interest to join the RCC ecosystem, this growth is expected to continue the years to come.

However we have to admit that beyond the side benefits of cash handling processes simplification and the increased security, it is one primary benefit that attracts the retailer business decision makers to join this trend, acquiring "smart safe" devices. This is the provisional credit awarded by the bank in return to a "smart safe" connected in their IT systems. This is changing the paradigm of remote deposits capture and management, by challenging the re-engineering of the overall cash cycle within merchants and between merchants, armored couriers and banks cash vault networks. Apparently RCC introduction is a decisive step towards reducing the cash acceptance and processing cost for all stakeholders of the cash flow ecosystem.

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How the user interrogates
the Smart Safe device

A smart safe is capable of interrogating with the user, offering a multitude of services. Typically it is about deposit and banknotes counting; on certain devices it also handling withdrawal and exchange with different denominations. The system is capable to provide certain information in form of on–screen reports, such as financial transaction history of a user or a supervisor, as well as cash inventory report with banknote denominations breakdown. The user interface supports the concept of "shifts", where the deposits are under the custody of a shift–supervisor. Last but not least, the user interface is responsible to manage the CIT cash offload and bag or cartridge replacement process.


On the User Interface backend co–resides a communications agent responsible to synchronize in real time the smart safe data with the central Cash Management Network supervisor control and monitoring system.

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Right-sized technology for every retailer

Cash deposit, recycling and armored courier bag preparation devices

Remote Cash Control (RCC), the deployment of secure smart safes at merchant locations coupled with information reporting and provisional credit mechanisms, has been utilized for nearly 15 years as a means of improving merchant cash cycle control. Since 2004, when banks gradually began offering provisional credit based on validated currency residing at the merchant location, the industry has witnessed a surge in interest and adoption of these devices.

For most merchants, couriers and banks, cash handling is still predominantly manual, but a growing number of institutions are starting offering Remote Cash Control products that sweeten the deal by offering provisional credit for deposits that are counted and validated by a "smart safe" that also provides audit trails for cash.

The primary benefit of RCC provisional credit is that it facilitates wholesale reengineering of the cash cycle within merchants and between merchants, armored couriers and bank cash vault networks. RCC removes the substantial burden of cash handling typically carried by bank branch personnel historically, largely with the introduction of meaningful automation.

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CsExtra by ARCA

The lower-tier retails smart safe infrastructure

CsExtra with its capacity of up to 4,000 banknotes meets various customer and business needs.

Even in small shops where space is limited, its small size and footprint allows this unit to be placed under a counter or in a small back office. It is equipped with a long edge banknote validation module, depositing banknotes swiftly in a innoivative security bag housed in the safebox.

Technical Specifications

  • Continuous automatic drop-in feeder, capacity: 50 notes (of mixed denominations)
  • Reject pocket capacity: 20 notes
  • Self-sealing plastic bag, capacity: 2000 or 4000 stacked notes (2 models)
  • Safe: Steel strong box 6mm (opt. UL291, CEN III)
  • Lock: Electronic lock with 2 access code and door opening approval only after bag sealing
  • Security sensors: safe door and upper cover sensors
  • Operational speed: 3 notes/sec (Validation & Deposit)
  • Dimensions: Height: 900 mm; Width: 400 mm; Length: 520mm
  • Touch screen 13" (16:9 format, 800x480 resolution)
  • User authentication: Magnetic stripe reader
  • Thermal receipt printer: 80mm
  • Microsoft Windows™ 7
  • Connection: LAN 100Mbit - 1Gbit

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The mid-tier retails smart safe infrastructure

SID is a robust and sturdy device designed to deposit banknotes. After operator identification, the system allows to deposit bundle of mixed banknotes. After accurate counting and validation, they are then deposited into a self-sealing plastic bag located inside a robust and secure safe. Each deposit transaction is monitored and all the data are available to the customer and to the bank. A receipt for each transaction is issued, which includes details of notes (quantity, denomination and total value).

Technical Specifications

  • Continuous automatic drop-in feeder, capacity: 50 notes (of mixed denominations)
  • Reject pocket capacity: 20 notes
  • Self-sealing plastic bag, capacity: 4000 or 5000 bank notes (2 models)
  • LCD: Touch screen 7" (16:9 format, 800x480 resolution)
  • Thermal receipt printer: 80mm
  • Safe: Steel strong box 6mm (opt. UL291, CEN III)
  • Lock: Electronic lock with 2 access code and door opening approval only after bag sealing
  • Security sensors: "door open" sensor
  • User authentication: Magnetic stripe reader tracks 1-2-3 and chip card reader
  • Connection: LAN 100Mbit - 1Gbit
  • Operational speed: 180 notes/min (Validation & Deposit)
  • Embedded internal Windows XP PC

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The mid-upper-tier retails smart safe infrastructure

FID is a breakthrough innovation by ARCA. Its name stands for Fast Intelligent Deposit.

It is a self-banking solution that allows users to deposit banknotes and cheques in bulk at an impressive speed.

It is aimed to replace deposits made using envelops (as in night-drop deposits) as well as automated solution either at the bank's lobby or in a self-service area, providing great improvement and benefits to banks and users.

It can be used integrated in a Kiosk or inside an ATM.

General Features of SID Smart Safe

  • Automatic Feeder capacity: 300 docs.
    The feeder is able to manage banknotes and checks, but never mixed banknotes with checks
  • One reject bin, capacity: 100 docs
  • Escrow bin, capacity: 300 docs
  • Auto–sealing plastic bag option: 1 bag @ 5,000 banknotes or 2 bags @ 10,000 notes
  • Cassettes option: 2 cassettes @ 2,500 banknotes each, totaling 5,000 banknotes
  • Cassettes ext. option: 4 cassettes @ 2,500 banknotes each, totaling 10,000 banknotes
  • Document size (max): Length: 216 mm; Height: 100mm
  • Document size (min): Length: 90 mm; Height: 60mm
  • Connection: USB2.0; LAN 100 Mbit/sec – 1Gbit/sec
  • Dimensions: Height: 1050 mm; Width: 470 mm; Length: 500mm
  • Safe: UL291 or CEN III

Check Processing

  • Necessity to manage personal and business USA checks, even if mixed
  • Read the MICR code line optically also verify the presence of the magnetic ink
  • Capture front and rear image of the checks at 200dpi grey scale.
    The image can be saved in: JPEG, TIFF,BMP and B/W
  • Drawer capacity (staking) : 2500 checks

Cash Processing

  • US dollars, denominations: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Euros, denominations: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500
  • Transport speed: 800 doc/min, 13.5 doc/sec VALIDATING
  • Transport speed: 1000 doc/min, 16.7 doc/sec COUNTING
  • The unit reports the total amount processed, with denominations breakdown

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The top-tier retails smart safe infrastructure

CM24B is a high-end smart safe designed for handling and control of large volumes of cash withdrawal and deposit. The cash fitness sorting feature allows the recycling of only the fit banknotes, while the unfit ones can be removed from circulation.

The banknote "recycle" function reduces the money held in-place to a minimum. There are two separate safes, the main for recycling and the side safe for large deposits.

Technical Specifications

  • Feeding and counting of notes deposited
  • Deposit of bundles of cash in mixed sizes and denominations
  • Bundles of up to 200 notes for up to 8 denominations
  • Pre-selection and automatic rejection of double/damaged notes
  • Productivity: 4 notes/sec


  • Bundles of up to 200 notes
  • Two separate openings (on for each operator) for cash dispensing
  • Productivity: 5 notes/sec


  • Recognition and classification of individual notes with full image visible spectrum analysis
  • Validation with infrared, UV and magnetic analysis
  • Fitness check
  • Automatic rejection of unknown or unfit banknotes
  • Handling of up to 32 denominations of notes
  • Serial number capture


  • Automatic insertion of deposited banknotes into storage modules and transportation bags
  • Two separate safes:
  • Main safe for recycling storage modules
  • Capacity: 8 storage modules
  • 4 modules up to 900 notes each
  • 4 modules up to 500 notes each
  • Side safe for transportation bags
  • Capacity: 2 deposit cassettes each one with capacity of up to 4000 notes
  • Total safe capacity 13,600 = 5,600 recycling + 8,000 deposit
  • Notes send to the bags are bundled by tape in batches of 20 to 100 notes; bags have unique bar code-id, and are auto-sealed by tamper evident tape
  • Speed: 100 notes bundle in 45secs avg.
  • UL291, CEN III safes choice
  • Safe door opening controlled by software command (option)
  • Equipped for installation of alarm sensors and standard locks


  • LCD display (2 lines) with 4 function keys
  • "Stand alone solution" as an option, including: Badge reader, Printer, PinPad, Display


  • RS-232


  • Microsoft Windows® driver
  • Web interface wrapper

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