CashCluster Gen3, released

November 05, 2019

CubeIQ is announcing a major release of the CashCluster Gen3, an indispensable component of CMN-System for enterprise RCC services. CashCluster Gen3 retains the same look and feel of the 1st and the 2nd generation, implementing certain "design objectives", such as:

• Single/unified UI supporting a multitude of Cash Handling Devices (CHD’s) for both
banknotes and coins.
• Support both device types:
− Deposit only
− Recycling
• Multiple password policies support.
• Multiple means of user authentication:
-Contactless card
-Bluetooth communication (HID-Mobile app. Required)
• Ability to develop now and in the next future unlimited device drivers for new Cash Handling
• Unified reporting in CMN System journal and audit trail for all banknote and coin devices.
• Unified model (structure) for all types of depositor and recycler devices (notes or coins); no new user guide required.

Configurable options
• Max allowable cash inventory:
− by amount for banknote devices
− by weight for coin devices
• Escrow mode on/off
• Selective monetary denomination(s) disable
• Recycler minimum retained notes scheme in recycler module
• Data entry of merchant’s customer fiscal details on deposit receipt
• CIT logo printed on bag collection receipt
• RCC contract provider logo shown on standard screen form lower right
• Adjustable copies of Receipt(s)
• UI inactivity timeout (auto sign-out)
• Days of most recent activity in user/supervisor reports

Newer releases of CashCluster will retain upward compatibility of this scheme.