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Professional Services

Project Implementation Services

CubeIQ is following strict Project Management Methodology (PMM), in all activity steps of each customer project.

Among other, this is about:

  • Program Management
  • Project Implementation Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • High Level Functional Design
  • Detailed Technical Design
  • System Architecture and Development Design
  • Development – Implementation
  • QA Testing
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Training
  • Go-live Support
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Compliance Support
  • Recurring Training


Performance and Innovation Delivered

In today’s retail banking era, looking to do more with less in a challenging global economy, unveils the importance of a banking organization that can manage costs while finding innovative ways to improve overall business performance.

CubeIQ’s combination of skills, approaches and tools help develop and operate scalable, efficient and agile retail banking processes to deliver immediate and long-lasting value securing return on investment.

Contact CubeIQ and tap into the knowledge and experience of our consulting team.

CubeIQ Readiness on Services Offering

Rich Services Portfolio addressing Retail Banking needs

Support and Maintenance Services are fundamental to the operational life–cycle of CubeIQ’s products and integrated solutions.

CubeIQ’s Maintenance and Technical Support Services Agreement (MTSSA) support schemes are by design covering all your needs in maintaining uptime and high performance of our installed products and solutions, offering:

  • Version control of CubeIQ software products
  • Highly responsive technical support by phone and/or email
  • Pre–allocated Response and Repair Time
  • Preventive maintenance and spare parts readiness

MTSSA is applicable to:

  • Hardware products: IT equipment, terminal devices and systems
  • Software products: OTS and custom made software
  • All integrated solutions provided by CubeIQ, incorporating hardware and software products

CubeIQ Services Adhering to ITSM Standards

IT Service Management is about people,
processes, information and technology

IT Service Management is a set of specialized organization capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of IT Services. The capabilities take the form of functions and processes for managing services over a lifecycle, with specializations in strategy, design, transition, operation and continual improvement. The capabilities represent a service organizations capacity, competency, and confidence for action. The act of transforming resources into valuable services is at the core of service management.

The ITIL ® Framework is a source of good practice in IT Service Management, and is used by organizations worldwide to establish and improve Service Management providing a formal and universal standard. It offers a body of knowledge useful for achieving the standard, tackling the following areas:

  • Service Strategy, as the design, development and implementation of Service Management becoming an organizational capability and strategic asset
  • Service Design, which means the development of Service Assets, Service Definitions and Service Catalog
  • Service Transition, i.e. guidance for the development and improvement of capabilities for transitioning new and changed services into operations
  • Service Operation, as the management of availability of services, control of demand and the optimization of capacity utilization, as well as scheduling of operations and fixing problems
  • Continual Service Improvement, by using principles, practices and methods from Quality Management, Change Management and Capability Improvement
  • Read More…

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