Cash in a Glance Smart Safe dashboard with current cash inventory, shift operator, last few days runtime series of daily cash turnover… Read More Fleet Health Single view status of your fleet Cash Smart Safe devices. Quickly identify occasional issues marked by time-stamped colored icons with short status description. Read More Cashier Shifts Drill down to operational shifts by date and/or by supervisor, with information on associated cash deposits. Traverse back perpetually in time by scrolling down. Read More Continuous Monitoring You are timely notified for any operational issues in Smart Safes fleet. Monitoring frequency, notification profile and means of connectivity are fully customized. Read More Best in Class Our innovative and highly optimized RCC implementation has been awarded with the Business IT Award 2013 from ELTRUN of Athens Economic & Business University. Read More

A CMN System Mobile application

CashXCell™ is a component of the CMN System. Designed as a mobile application for you, to use it while on the go. Just load it on any Android cellphone or tablet. It provides live information, maintaining direct connection with the cloud-based CMN System, by using:

  • CMN System controlled user credentials
  • Encrypted bi-directional communications
  • Full traceability and auditability in user operations
  • Open System Web Services architecture

Stay constantly in touch with your cash

CashXCell™ enables Merchant to sustain continuous cash awareness. Reliefs the challenge of staying constantly in touch with your RCC system, even while you are away of your computer. CashXCell versatile mobile app sustains real-time awareness for the Merchant, as well as every stakeholder in an RCC scheme, featuring:

  • Single view CSS fleet status landscape
  • Automated health status notifications
  • Cash Smart Safe Dashboard view
  • Cashier Shifts details perpetual history
  • 24x7 accessible, anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple access roles

Single View Fleet Status

It’s a list with every Cash Smart Safe device in your fleet
  • Entities list provides a single view status of every Cash Smart Safe device in your fleet.
  • Quickly identify occasional issues marked by time-stamped colored icons with short status description.
  • In case that the installed base of Smart Safes is large enough, there are provisions to show only Smart Safe devices in error, and/or search by smart filters.
  • You may share the Entities list, via email or any other suitable app available in your mobile device.
  • Select any Cash Smart Safe entity by single touch on the list row, to show an informative Dashboard


Smart Safe Dashboard

Your cash whereabouts at a glance
  • CashXCell brings you an informative Dashboard with operational details of any Cash SMart Safe in your RCC fleet, with:
    • – its location
    • – the participating stakeholders
    • – current cash inventory
    • – shift operator
    • – last period runtime series of daily cash turnover
    • – and much more


Automated health monitoring notifications

24x7 health monitoring of your Cash Smart Safes fleet
  • CashXCell allows you to provide your preferred settings.
  • Among other, it is the health monitoring of your Cash Smart Safes fleet.
  • You may define:
    • – the monitoring frequency
    • – comm means, i.e. WiFi and/or 3G
    • – notifications profile (ringtone, vibration and LED alarm)


CCS CsExtra

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CM24B & CSD8

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RCC Intro
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RCC in Retailer
Cash Logistics

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