Monitor Cash Monitor a large population of smart safes 24X7 and stay fully aware for your retail outlets cash status. Read More Coordinate CashPartner connects the Merchant, the Bank and the Armored Courier service in a well coordinated team of RCC stakeholders. Read More Get Control Control remotely a large population of geographicaly dispersed Cash Smart Safes, their users and the associated financial transactions . Read More Gain insight Rich data collected from the field are processed by strong data analytics, supporting informed decision making of the Merchant. Read More Best in Class Our innovative and highly optimized RCC implementation has been awarded with the Business IT Award 2013 from ELTRUN of Athens Economic & Business University. Read More

A high capacity and strong performance enterprise level system

CashPartner™ is based on an enterprise scale Cash Management Network infrastructure, with high-performance scalable architecture:

  • Cloud based
  • Safe and Secure
  • Full traceability and auditability in cash tracking
  • Service agreements compliance verification
  • Incidents Management control and reporting
  • Based on Open System Web Services architecture

The most effective companion for an efficient RCC System

CashPartner™ is the backbone of an efficient RCC System, offering complete control over retail deposited cash until it is collected by the bank CIT service, with:

  • Near real-time deposits tracking
  • Multiple merchants per Smart Safe
  • High capacity
  • High performance
  • Maintained continuously in-sync with CMN System
  • 24x7 accessible, anytime, anywhere via the web

RCC System Operations

Mastering the RCC system Operations
  • Create new RCC service contracts by installing new Cash Smart Safes (CSS) in retail outlets
  • Activate or De-activate service contracts
  • Nominate, enable/disable users for a specific service contract; including the users having access to the CSS in the retail outlet
  • Enable or Disable a CSS device
  • Enable or Disable a specific user, or a users group
  • Monitor the CSS device and its "Cash Inventory"
  • Trigger the CIT service upon detecting the CSS device has reached a high cash inventory situation
  • Plan proactively the CIT services, based on trends
  • Report to Bank and/or CIT the Cash Inventory, with breakdown by denomination, at any supervisor-defined time(s) of the day, enabling provisional credit or other informed decisions
  • System Journal (for financial transactions) and Audit-Trail (logging all users activity) are available to privileged supervisors for any kind of tracing


Data Analytics


RCC System Administration

Set-up you own RCC ecosystem
  • Define any number of:
    • – Banks
    • – CIT companies
    • – Merchants owning retail outlets
    • – Installed Cash Smart Safe (CSS) devices in the retail outlets
  • RCC business model may be either Bank-led or CIT-led, while an installed Cash Smart Safe may be shared by any number of merchants (e.g. in a shopping mall).
  • Any system stakeholder may access the system getting visibility on a "need-to-know" basis. Thus a merchant may get information about his own retail outlets, while a Bank or a CIT company is having access to all accounts with who has established agreements
  • All Cash Smart Safe data are updated near real-time, while retention time is unlimited, enabling comprehensive data analytics
  • Any CashPartner user may inherit his access privileges (partially or in full) to other users, such as members of his team
  • User groups may be created, with different "Resource Access" profiles


Anytime, Anywhere at your services

Cloud-based 24x7 access
  • You may use any personal computer or tablet connected over the internet to access the CashPartner services via a standard web browser.
  • The Cash Monitoring Network (CMN) infrastructure is standing behind the system, hosted in a highly resilient data center offering 24X7 availability. Server is monitored by SiteUptime independed service and is currently rated at 99.998% uptime.
  • Overall system capacity is virtually unlimited, designed to host several thousands of Cash Smart Safes in a geographically dispersed, highly populated RCC ecosystem.


CCS CsExtra

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CM24B & CSD8

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RCC Intro
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RCC in Retailer
Cash Logistics

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