Enterprise Cash Management System Framework

April 08, 2017

CubeIQ commenced a large scale program to elevate Cash Management System capabilities in regards to mixed currency processing. The project team will work in a newly established lab with several banknote recyclers, capable to process up to 16 different banknote currencies each one, as well as coin depositor devices.

The new enterprise common framework will be able to handle concurrently unlimited ISO-4217 currencies with multiple monetary denominations for both banknotes and coins. Final product will be customer configurable in terms of active currencies and denominations.

"With our enterprise Cash Management System Framework, we can run the same software apps, servers and clients independently of cash device manufacturer platforms, whether recyclers or depositors, processing coins or banknotes, in our customers' solutions. From a field deployment point of view, it's going to be easier for us and easier for them" said Andreas Papadedes, Managing Director in CubeIQ.

Project plan runs on track, expected to reach completion in seven distinct stages, around end of 2017. More announcements will follow on this project in the way forward.