IcM Gen.2 | Incident Management Generation 2

January 13, 2017

CubeIQ is announcing a major release of the Incident Management Gen2, an indispensable component of CMN-System for enterprise RCC services.
IcM Gen2 is now stronger than ever in monitoring and incidents management, such as:

Health monitoring
- Jams, component failures, malfunctions.
- Missing cash removable storage media.

Critical events watch
- Cash media replacement, recycler offload, cash storage full, safebox door open, alarms relay.

Alive connection link
- Detect link connectivity failure.

IcM Features
- Automatic incident detection and classification
- Automated notifications dissemination
- Tightly coupled with CMN System
- Multichannel notification delivery via email, portable devices, sms and web services
- Intra-users messaging subsystem
- Intelligent criticality elevation by incident aging
- Focus and respect to ITIL standards
- External information feeder & consumer plug-ins

IcM Benefits
- Increases awareness level on network incidents
- Discipline in incident response activities
- Reduces time lag for incident awareness
- Traceability and auditability in SLA performance
- Dramatic reduction on Help Desk staffing
- Coordinates the Service Desk and field workforce
- Stakeholders stay constantly informed
- First step towards a Technical Knowledge Base

More on Incident Management System

Timely awareness on your network incidents IcM subsystem is constantly monitoring the health of your network devices such as the cash smart safes. Jams, missing cash removable storage media, component failures, malfunctions are detected, recorded and stakeholders are notified. Same is true for all kinds of critical events, as cash media replacement, recycler offload, cash storage full, safebox door or lock open and alarms relay.

Enhance the quality of your incident response process
Actions taken in response to incidents are recorded by the system, and optionally stakeholders are notified. Service desk assign incident ownership and coordinates recovery activities with the field workforce, via wireless communication.

Stay informed anytime, anywhere
Notifications are selectively disseminated to all stakeholders next to any action associated with an incident. Apart from CashPartner user alerts, the notifications are reaching you anytime, anywhere with wireless alerts.

Prioritize your reactive processes and resources
Auto-detected smart safe devices incidents are classified by IcM system and assigned criticality level. Incident aging is automatically elevating criticality starting with the first hour. Incidents response team monitoring screen is automatically prioritizing open incidents based onreverse criticality level.

Focus and respect to ITIL standards
Actions taken in response to incidents are classified to one of the six basic categories, as per ITIL standards i.e. detection and recording, classification and initial support, investigation and diagnosis, resolution and recovery, closure, and tracking and communication. Full traceability and auditability is provided on actions, resolution, technical details , owner and escalation. IcM database provides SLM compliance performance reports on demand.