"Till Opening Cash management" plug-in for CashCluster

January 12, 2017

CMN-System enhanced its Cash Smart Safe terminals user interface, CashCluster, with the addition of the "Till Opening Cash management" plug-in module. This module is applicable on cash recyclers with extended deposit capabilities, such as the ARCA CM18b, which are installed in large retail stores back offices.

It is where at day opening, or at shift transitions, a large population of merchant tellers (a.k.a. cashiers) resort to back office administration to get opening cash packs. The newly available plug-in module, code named "TOCm", recognizes each individual teller and provides the exact cash pack, in terms of banknotes per currency denomination. The cash pack is profiled by the back office supervisor (chief teller), individually by cashier or by cashier group.

CubeIQ is committed in continuously enhancing CMN-System enterprise profile and versatility, tackling the most demanding needs of retail business in Cash Management domain.