XtranLog, the Web-Services subsystem of CMN-System

January 03, 2017

Occasionally CMN-System stakeholders (Merchant, Bank, CIT) require automated financial reporting outside the CMN-System, by CMN-System to Stakeholder client app.
They need financial information of committed transactions (deposits and withdrawals) by single merchant or multi-merchant users, taking place at the Cash Smart Safes (automated electronic depositor and/or recycler machines), which are installed at merchant retail outlets or generally in the field.

The financial information collected from endpoints (Cash Smart Safes) by CMN System's SCADA subsystem are stored in CMN central data repository and can be selectively forwarded via Web Services requests posted by the stakeholder client app.

The XtranLog Web Services aim to export CMN Transactional Data to external, 3rd party systems, such as the Retailer's ERP system, the Financial Institution's banking system, or the CIT company's cash processing system.
CMN-System holds the Server role and external system is adopting the Client role. Clients access is controlled by the CMN-System intrinsic security, using stakeholder user-id and password, which is associated with Web Service access privileges.

XtranLog, is available to all CMN-System, SaaS server subscribers.