New CashCluster application for ARCA CM18b (#CMNsystem, #CashCluster, #ARCA, #CM18b)

January 02, 2017

The new CashCluster application, designed for use with ARCA CM18b Cash Recycler and Smart Safe devices, is now available to CMN-System users.
A great tool for outlets with multiple cashiers and shifts per day.

By design all CashCluster versions, provide User Interface optimized for touch screen, with easy to navigate main menu selection buttons, role-based for "depositors", "cashiers", "supervisors" and "cit's".
CashCluster for ARCA CM18b, goes one step further taking advantage of the new touch-screen options of Windows10.

Another feature implemented in CashCluster for ARCA CM18b, is the auto-swap function. With CashCluster Auto-Swap feature only the required volume of banknotes per denomination are saved in the CM18b recycling storage modules, while all the other banknotes are silently transferred to the CM18b security bag.

You can now be confident, that the required Teller Opening Cash is available in your ARCA CM18b, while the rest of your collection is provisionally transferred to your bank account.