OPS - Operational Scenario Player Release 2

December 04, 2015

CubeIQ is announcing the new release R02 availability of the OPS tools, namely the 'CM24B Operational Scenario Player' (OPS). This product is aiming to the analyst who is responsible for the sizing and configuration of one or more CM24B devices, intended to process efficiently the incoming bulk cash.

The OPS tool is running a detailed simulation of all cash processing steps and is backed-up by CubeIQ's Professional Services consultants, who carry extensive experience on Cash Recycling and Remote Cash Capture domains.

The newly announced release enhanced features include:

1. Concept of "business case", comprised from (a) configuration, and (b) scenario, where scenarios and/or configurations may be individually shared among team members.

2. Business case, a configuration and scenario wrapper, has title, description, author and last save date-time stamp.

3. The full ARCA denominations spectrum is available for selection, as:
A = 1, B = 2, C = 5, D = 10, E = 20, F = 25, G = 50, H = 100, I = 200, J = 500, K = 1000,
L = 2000, M = 5000, N = 10000, O = 20000, P = 50000, Q = 100000, R = 250, S = 200000,
T = 250000, U = 500000, V = 1000000, W = 2000000, X = 5000000, Y = 10000000.

4. Save and retrieve "business cases" (incorporating configuration and scenario), or individually the configuration or the scenario.

5. Cash Denomination Contribution profile can be calculated interactively, via a data entry form for historical data (either by Notes or by Value).

6. Cassettes allocation map may be optimized automatically, based on Denomination Contribution profile.

7. PDF nice printing choices for:
a. overall the Business Case
b. configuration
c. scenario
d. cash processing session results summary (upon scenario execution)

8. Detailed operations log is optionally exported in space delimited format

9. Advanced configuration option allows to edit the timing parameters (Ref: User Manual, Appendix A)