OPS - Operational Scenario Player Tool launched by CubeIQ

November 22, 2015

ARCA's flagship product, namely the CM24B Cash Recycler device, may automate fully the backoffice cash processing operations when it comes to bulk quantities.
CubeIQ Ltd., a leading company in Cash Handling Automation, has developed a CM24B smart user interface and device driver which, by design, fulfils this challenging job requirements.
Today CubeIQ is announcing the release of a new advanced product, namely the 'CM24B Operational Scenario Player' (OPS), aiming to the analyst who is responsible for the sizing and configuration of one or more CM24B devices, intended to process efficiently the incoming bulk cash.

The OPS tool is running a detailed simulation of all cash processing steps. In a few seconds is 'playing' a scenario for a cash processing session of hundreds of incoming bulk cash packs, producing detailed insight on estimated time to process, number of produced sealed bags and banknote bundles, as well as a rich set of analytical information that assist the responsible analyst in sizing and configuring the CM24B device(s) array.

OPS tool is based on a so-called 'state machine', leveraging on today's advanced programming languages strength in OOP (Object Oriented Programming).
Primary components are:
1. CM24B Recycler virtual device (Virtual device Class)
2. Scenario playing kernel (state sequencer)

Current release is already a few thousand lines of C language optimized code.
Typical performance rating is processing of more than 1million banknotes in 5 seconds.

This product is backed-up by CubeIQ's Professional Services consultants, who carry extensive experience on Cash Recycling and Remote Cash Capture domains.