CMN System upgraded its performance and scalability

September 28, 2015

CMN System enhanced its enterprise grade capabilities in the context of Supervisor Control of a large number of Cash Smart Safe Devices.

Recent core SCADA subsystem refinements provide for:
- Higher performance in managing large population of devices.
- Finer granularity of multiple purpose-specific SCADA processes per each device.
- Optional scheduling and activation of Garbage Collector and Data Housekeeping processes.
- SCADA processes coupling with "entity" and "RCC Contracts" enable/disable status switching.

All the above are reflected in a special purpose Operations Dashboard, namely the "Entities SCADA Map", as shown in the picture here-in.

CMN System development team in CubeIQ Ltd. is proud for the design and the reliable implementation of this critical upgrade in the cloud-based servers, with zero impact to customer service level; i.e. no downtime at all.