User Engagement Profile in CashPartner

June 28, 2015

CubeIQ announced the release R05.18 of CashPartner which among other enhancements is featuring the newly developed "User Engagement Profile". This is aiming to provide an outlook of user context and engagement activity both as Cash Smart Safe device user, as well as office user. The information are available both to each user on his/her home screen and to entitled stakeholder administrator in the "Users Administration" web page.

Information are provided in a pop-up modal window, where a user time history slider may be used to select time period of interest, among:
- Original registration entry in CMN System
- Last months period
- Most Recent activities
- Current status
The specific information provided on each of the above time periods, are:
A. Original
- user profile creation date
- CashCluster sign-in date/time
- CashPartner sign-in date/time
B. Last months
* CashPartner information:
- number of sign-ins
- average sign-ins per day
- number of web pages visited
- average web page visits per day
* CashCluster information:
- number of sign-ins
- average sign-ins per day
- number of menu selections
- average menu selections per day
- number of deposits
- average number of deposits per day
- number of withdrawals
- number of empty cash module operations
- number of bag replacements
C. Most Recent
- CashCluster sign-in
- CashPartner sign-in
- profile update
- password change
- deposit
- withdrawal
- empty cash module
- bag replacement
D. Current
- Stakeholder context, i.e. Merchant or Bank or CIT and name
- User groups that subject user is subscribed to
- Effective Password policy and password status (valid, locked, etc.)