Cash media fill level forecasting services

June 23, 2015

CubeIQ announced cash media fill level forecasting services availability. This is a subscription based package which is aiming to optimize the CIT trips cost. Prediction accuracy is high, while it is maturing by the accumulation of growing historical data.

The subsystem, code named "PCFPA" (a.k.a. Predictive Cash Flow Pattern Analysis) is dealing with the past data analysis of cash deposits in a particular CSS device. As a result of the statistical analysis, is produced a predictive cash flow pattern for the forthcoming time period; in other words "a deposits trend". Estimated time to reach a specific fill-level may be calculated, based on this trend. PCFPA pattern analysis is self discovering working days and hours, as well as seasonality of deposits in long term, short term and daily perspective. All patterns are participating, in a balanced manner, in a multivariate analysis to produce a highly accurate prediction. Apart from rich historical information, the prediction is further converging to the eventual actual while the time is reaching the target fill-top-up deadline.
CMN System end user may use the analytical information tool labeled as "Fill Trend", in Report Analytics group, to produce the required information in a chart. The chart is interactive, allowing to use the slider on the screen bottom to adjust the target fill-level, to any value different that the originally proposed. Hovering on the chart, above the blue trend line endpoint, it will be shown the estimated target date on a pop-up marker.