Remote deployment of smart safe firmware upgrades

March 12, 2015

CMN System extended its remote device management capabilities, with the addition of a new subsystem related to remote deployment of firmware updates on smart safe devices. The new subsystem is based on a hosted library of firmware versions. Both device engines firmware, as well as banknote validator microcode files, are stored on this library, where a CMN taxonomy model is maintained.

Anytime that firmware should be downloaded on a group of smart safe devices, it is performed centrally by an appropriately privileged user of CMN System, by selecting the specific firmware from the library, and the target smart safe devices. The firmware is relayed to the devices, while they are in full production mode. Then at a point of time that no user is signed-in, the firmware upgrade is performed "silently", while users sign-in is blocked only for a few seconds. CMN System Asset Management subsystem is automatically updated to reflect firmware upgrades history, as well as the current firmware version, smart safe asset S/N, CashCluster (UI) version and options. This new CMN System extension is another solid step towards enhancing its Enterprise level profile, capable to monitor, control and acquire data from a very large network of smart safe devices, with administration resources kept low.