CubeIQ upgraded CashPartner leveraging on the CM24B rich functionality

May 07, 2013

CubeIQ upgraded CashPartner to leverage on the Smart Safe model "CM24B" rich functionality.

Primary modules in CashPartner R02.75, which have upgraded internal processing and enriched external user interface, are the following:
(1) Entity Dashboard,
(2) CSSN Node Workstation,
(3) CSSN Audit-Trail,
(4) CSSN Device Status,
(5) CSSN User Transactions Report,
(6) CSSN Supervisor Transactions Report,
(7) CSSN Journal Reporting,
(8) CSSN Daily Cut-Off Report (both on-line and downloadable).
By side solidified the system security and "Chinese Firewall" between co-hosted merchants in a single Cash Smart Safe, while allowed the nomination of a single user in CMN Active Directory on multiple Cash Smart Safes (e.g. Merchant Supervisor supervising two CSS's)