CashCluster the Smart Safe UI expands further its multivendor base

April 04, 2013

CubeIQ announced today the availability of the new CashCluster(tm) version, for the Cash Smart Safe model "CM24B" of CTS Cashpro (Torino, Italy). It is a CMN System component, which is installed on the Cash Smart Safes, aiming simple, secure and smart interface to users. CashCluster is incorporating a synchronization agent towards the central CMN System.

The "CM24B" is a flagship model of a wide series of different size Smart Safes. It provides deposits and withdrawal capabilities, may manage fit/unfit banknotes, stores and retrieves banknotes in high-speed recycling cassettes, while swaps banknotes in bundles onto two cash bags for armored courier transportation.
Although CM24B CashCluster implementation has a strong portfolio of features, it retains the same look and feel as its low-end smart safe peers.